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Crystals & Jewelry
Aqua Aura Pendant
Aquamarine Pendant
Ammolite Pendant
Angel Aura Druzy Pendant
Angel Aura Druzy Pendant
Large Auralite Specimen
Azurite Specimen
Auralite Bracelet
Danburite Pendant
Grape Fluorite
Black Meta-auralite
Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz
Etsy Reviews
Green Sodalite
High Grade Auralite Specimen
Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Pendant
Labradorite Skull Ring
Huge Auralite Point
Magicians Night Bracelet
Large Moldavite Pendant
Paraiba Tourmaline
Raw Larimar
Nuummite Pendant
Red Andara Pendant
Tanzanite Pendant
Titanium Aura Set

Private sessions with Angel Rogers, an internationally recognized evidential psychic medium, are available to help in your journey.  **Angel is currently taking a break from private readings.**


“the session changed my life, and has already effected changes that are quite profound. I can't wait to return one day and would recommend this to anyone with an open heart and open mind and an interest in the bigger spiritual world.” 

—  Claire R

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