Clearing Exercise for Empaths

Empaths are people that can pick up other peoples emotions and feel them like they are their own.  What can sometimes happen is that the energy and feeling of another sticks to you and you think start to feel heavy and confused, even depressed and do not really understand why.  Let's look at some of the science behind what your brain is doing.  

The limbic system is what handles your emotions.  The really interesting part of this part of you, is that it cannot tell what is real and what is not real.  How is that possible you ask? Let's try an experiment.  Think of eating a big, sour, fat and juicy lemon.  Imagine that sour juice on your tongue, swishing around your mouth and slowing dripping down your throat.  Drink some more of that lemon juice. Did your saliva glands under your jaw tighten and act up like you really were eating a lemon?  For the majority of us, this is an instinctual and almost immediate effect.  But why?  We knew there was no lemon, but your brain sent a signal to the body that there was AND told your body to respond like there really was.  Now if you will do that with just a lemon... that you really are not attached to or emotionally invested in, what are you doing with people?  Get it?

Ok now that we know what you are doing, how can we help you to stop doing that but still feeling feelings?  

You brush your teeth twice a day right?  You clean them and take care of them because you know that you use them every day and they are something that if you do not take care of, they will decay and you may lose them.  If you get a toothache, you might try to avoid chewing on that part of the mouth for a while, you may get some pain medication for it to stop the pain for a while, but it eventually comes back.  Most of us ignore the pain and try to tolerate it for as long as we can before we got to the dentist.  When we finally do because it hurts so bad, we pay the consequences of not taking better care of our teeth. A filling or even an extraction.  

Let's look at some ways to brush your chakras, or clean your chakras.  Chakras are energy points in your body that connect you to the Universe and the Universe to you.  It is what you give out that others perceive you as, and what you let in.  Notice it is not what you are when you let in.  You have free will so you can block love, acceptance, safety, health and abundance if you want to.  You can BLOCK your chakras.  Fear, pain, illness, drugs, addictions, anger, guilt and shame are just a few things that block these power wheels of life.

Clearing Your Chakras

We know this is new to some of you so lets start simple.  Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Breath in red light into the base of the spine where your root chakra is and imagine pure loving energy from the Universe filtering inside that area.  Hold your breath for just a second or two while the balanced energy clears the unbalanced energy.  Now breath out red light.  Do this three times.  Feel more and more relaxed with each breath you take.

Now do the same for each of the other 6 chakras.  Breathing in the colour light from the Universe into the part of the body where that chakra is held, Holding it for a second or two, and releasing anything that is no longer serving you as you breath out that colour light.  Don't judge it, don't try to "heal" it, let the breath, the Universe and the chakras do that for you without the bias of your wounded ego.

Do this in the morning before you get out of bed, and at night before you fall asleep.  If you are starting to feel stressed out during the day, you can simply do this exercise whenever you need to, finding balance and clarity.

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