Why Hating Trump is Hypocritical. You hate him because you think he hates people...

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

I woke up on the morning of November 9, 2016 to the shock of a nation and a sound wave of "WHAT?!!" through out the world.  The American political stage had changed like it had never changed before, and some loved it, and some hated it.  As a Canadian I have the luxury of having a unique perspective that some may not have that are waking up trying to get used to seeing Donald Trump as their president.  Like it or not, it is what it is.  He is your president now, not theirs.. but yours.  

I work as a Zen Councillor trained under one of 40 Soto Zen Masters in the world, and I reflected on why there was so much division.  There was no wiggle room, it was love or hate. Somebody supported and admired somebody and did not support and like another.  The country beside us is confused, shocked and upset.

But hate to break it to you my dear neighbours, not many other people are as surprised as you are.  I am posing a question to you, not a statement.  Do you hate Donald Trump because he is that deep dark side of you that you do not let others see in public?   Do you really want to tell me that none of you have made a joke that involved ethnicity or checked out the backside of a girl that walked by or melted with your girlfriends watching Tatum Channing in Magic Mike?  Is he doing in front of the cameras what you do behind closed doors with those that are like minded at the moment?  

Let me state that I am neither for Trump or against him.  I am not for Clinton or against Clinton.  I am for honesty in the reflection of who we are as people that share this planet. Canada is known as one of the biggest peace keepers in the world, and there is no mistake as to why we are neighbours to one of the biggest war countries on the planet.  I say it is ying to the yang.  Neither one better, neither one more important, but each one important to the process of being whole.

Is there a possibility that you do not like what your country has created?  Trump is doing in public what each and every one us have said or thought.  Some of us can stand in denial and say that you have never judged somebody based on their sexuality, ethnicity or gender, but I challenge that.  Do you use the term "that's so gay" as derogatory?  Have you used the word Dyke or Fag even ONCE in passing?  Have you assumed a person did not speak English because of their skin colour?  Would you look at a man and a woman in hospital whites and think the man was the doctor and the woman the nurse?  I am not judging you if you did.  I am saying that to stand in judgement of another is exactly what you hate him for.

You are doing it.

Most of you have never met Mr. Trump, yet have very strong opinions of him.  You do not like that he said some things that you deemed racist or offensive.  I am confused.  Is that not what your country is about?  Is it not the right to have an opinion and voice it?  It cannot be voice your opinion and voice it but only if it is my opinion and I agree with it.  In order to judge him, you must become him.  

In order to judge anybody, you must become what you do not like.  Trump and Clinton supporters and haters are just examples of humanities need to watch others and judge them as good or bad.

A cow moos because it is a cow

A cat meows because it is a cat

A dog barks because it is a dog

Let the cow moo.  Let the cat meow.  The cat is not a bad cow because it is small and you cannot milk.  It is a cat.

Your country voted for that man.  Your country saw itself in that man.  We are all in that man. I do at least admire Trump for not apologizing for who he is and what he believes in.  So many of us have a face for the public and then the truth when we think we are alone with the freedom to judge other cats, dogs and cows.  

A suggestion.  See this as a chance to grow together.  See this as a chance to see every ugly wound a country has and reach out to it with love.  If a man is on fire you do not give him a match.  If a man is drowning you do not give them water.  You give the man on fire water, the man drowning earth.  You give the opposite to bring balance and peace. 

If you do not like what you see in another, be an example of the opposite and be better for it. Every hero needs a villain to be a hero.  Trump is a villain to some and a hero to others, Clinton is a villain to some and  hero to others.  A tree only grows from the seed it comes from.  If you do not like your President, you must accept responsibility that you in some way shape or form are his seed.

Do not look at another for your salvation or your damnation.  Seed kindness in the face of meanness, be tolerant in the face of intolerance and be gracious in the face of prejudiced.  If we all do that, the world will be at peace in 24 hours.  

Let us challenge ourselves to not judge another that is only a mirror of ourselves and look at what we are seeding by this judgement.   

Once again, I have no vested interest in the political outcome or have chosen no sides, but the side of fairness, honesty and self integrity.

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