What Crystal Can Decalcify And Activate Your Pineal Gland?

It's been called "THE SEAT OF THE SOUL" and is your psychic center that connects you to the memories of your psychic abilities and to who you really are.  What if who you really are is more amazing then you ever thought possible?  What if YOU were so magically and wondrous, this soul living in this dimension, that others were afraid of you?   Afraid of what?  Afraid that you would choose peace over war. Afraid that you would choose love over hate.  Afraid that you would choose health over disease.  If you thought you did not have a choice,  war, hate and disease would be your only choice.

What if there was a way to shut off your choice?  You would have to stop the choice from even being known.  You would have to block it.  You would have to stop the flow of information like a rock squashing a bug.  Is it any wonder that your pineal gland has been turned into stone?  

This article is not about the conspiracies, the hows and the why's of how your pineal gland becomes calcified, but more of what crystals can help.   First why do crystals work?  They are piezoelectric.  That means they can carry information back and forth, amplifying the message without damaging the sender, the receiver and most importantly, the information.   That is why science and technology use crystals in every computer and cell phone.  Another reason is that they are consistent and never wear out.  A lower energy cannot change them. It will ALWAYS make a lower frequency meet its higher frequency, not the other way around.

This is a picture of the cerebrospinal fluid, the water around your brain.  It has 3 functions, to protect the brain, to keep it buoyant so it does not put pressure on the base, and chemical stability.  It creates an environment to allow for proper functioning of the brain, e.g. maintaining low extracellular K+ for synaptic transmission.  The newest research is showing us that this fluid is like an LCD screen. A liquid crystal display.  Your brain is piezoelectric and so are your bones and blood.  You are a walking crystal.

When you introduce a higher frequency to where there is a lower frequency, the lower frequency meets the higher frequency.  Think of singing.  When you are singing along with the radio, you try to match the tone.  You want to sound great like they do.  What happens if you hear yourself sounding awful?  You try to adjust to sound better.  Then if you cannot, most of us stop singing and enjoy the music without our noise ruining it.  Other times we don't care and belt along with it...The point is that the body wants homeostasis,  or harmony.  It is looking for something to hold onto to say "this is the right place to be, come over here".

This is where crystals come in.  They tell the brain, that THIS is the right place to be.  Your brain is so happy to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  The crystal that works better than ANY other crystal, including moldavite or higher priced crystals is by far, hands down AURALITE 23.

Auralite 23 is the most powerful crystal on the planet and has 23 crystals in one powerful place.  There are even 17 minerals in it that science cannot identify because of a meteor that landed in the Boreal Forest in Canada and the contents of the universe embedded itself in the crystal.  Not to knock moldavite, but it is just the glass from where the meteor landed.  This crystal has gold, silver and platinum in it that are extremely high consciousness minerals that will break through the calcification around your pineal gland.  After all gold is considered the crystal of immortality.  This will unlock the truth that you are immortal. Water does eventually cut through stone.

That's it.  One crystal.  It actually is much more affordable than buying 23 other crystals and much more convenient.  Can you imagine the cost and the weight of wearing all those crystals separately??? 

Auralite 23 is found in only one place in the world and is a very rare sought after crystal because of its abilities to awaken the pineal gland and the soul.  Be careful as there are fakes out there.   For authentic and reasonably priced specimens and jewelry, please go to our Etsy store. We are from the city where Auralite is mined, and we personally go to the mines to ensure the best quality and to pass on the best prices to our customers.

As a special treat we are giving everybody a free meditation/hypnotherapy session to activate you to the energies of Auralite 23.  Find it here.  Remember to value your mind, if you lost it, then go find it.  Nobody else can do that for you. Be at peace my friends.

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