What Type Of Empath Are You?

What is an empath?  An empath is somebody that picks up emotions and feelings of others.

Did you know that that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this topic?  There are many different types of empaths.  Let's take a look at some of them.

Most are familiar with an EMOTIONAL EMPATH.  These are people that feel the emotions of others as if it was their own.  The downside of this is that they can get confused and not know what is theirs or others.  Did you know this can cause a harmful and immediate effect on the brain and body?  It is really interesting the science and super fast experiment we will be doing at the Psychic Boot Camp in October that will show you that almost 100% of this type of empath are hurting inside unnecessarily.  I am so happy to be able to provide them relief in this workshop.  The good part is that you can know what another is feeling to help them out...but if you are crippled by the feeling too, its not much good is it.  I find this is the most common empath and the most misunderstood.  It can leave you feeling drained, putting a wall up around you and stop you from wanting to engage in life.  At the psychic boot camp we will be showing you how to quickly stop this bad habit and replace it with a new one that can allow you to feel safe to use your amazing abilities to better yourself and others.  How exciting!

A PHYSICAL EMPATH is somebody that picks up the physical symptoms of another.  If somebody says they have a headache, you will get one.  If somebody is tired, you get tired. The list goes on and on.  I call it a psychic chameleon. Your body changes.  It also works the other way, if you are lazy and around somebody with more energy, you get more energy. Just make sure you are not draining them of theirs to get yours.  Does this make you a psychic vampire yourself?  How can you tell?  Again we cover this at the boot camp.  Are you getting excited yet?  Remember empaths is just ONE part of the workshop but we spend 6 hours on this topic!  We also stress why it is so important to NEVER use your body as a physical vessel when healing others.

An ANIMAL EMPATH can communicate with animals.  They feel what they feel.  This is one of my favourite types of empaths because animals are just so full of unconditional love and we love to love them so it gives an empath that feels unsafe to love, a place to love and receive love.  Try this experiment at home if you have a pet.  This works if the pet is in the room with you or not.  Just send that animal unconditional love and think their name.  Stay there focused on this feeling and dont be surprised if your little furry kid comes to you!

A EARTH EMPATH is connected to Mother Earth and can feel when she is in distress.  If you are feeling down for no reason and think you might have vibrated to this empath, check the internet for earthquakes, floods, etc.  You will notice you are a huge environmentalist and recycle and looking at the rain forest causes you pain.  Most people care and it saddens or angers them, but an EARTH EMPATH will physically feel symptoms and kind of go numb for a second or two.  You are breathing in the pain, this is not helping.  Instead breath out love and send the Earth love.  She needs love not pain.

As en empath and the head instructor at a licensed psychic school, i have seen many empaths led astray by other scared empaths.  They teach them to protect themselves, to put a wall around them, the only thing this does is trap them in their own fear.  They stop themselves from doing what they are meant to do... to love.  This is what is killing us as empaths, stopping ourselves from loving.  Being afraid to love.  I created a whole line of jewelry specifically to help empower empaths.  To protect them from fear and anger and to help them open themselves up to the true power and destiny that is ours.  We are the new face of Mother Earth, stop hiding.  All money from the sales of my items is donated back to operating costs of the school where we never turn away people because they cannot afford us.  Everything is charged and infused with healing light to empower us all.  

To support yourself and others on their journey, if you are going to purchase crystals or jewelry to help you on your spiritual path, might as well do it from a place that helps others right?   Visit us by clicking the here.

Mother Earth will survive.  We will not if this continues.  She is full of compassion for us.  She loves us and wants us to heal our ways.  Do not mourn for her, let her love you.   This beautiful mantra will help you heal with the love of Gia and help those that feel lonely and lost feel loved again.  

I hope this helps,


Angel Rogers, Head Instructor at The Home of OM licensed psychic school

Dojo Sensei for Zen Master Nissim Amon


Master Channeler

Qigong Healer

Angel Medium

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